[TenTec] Re: Jupiter firmware problems...NOT! (SO!... )

tongaloa tongaloa@alltel.net
Mon, 2 Sep 2002 16:04:34 -0400

Perhaps I've not been clear.

I'm not asking them to take away from those who
like a complete package. I never said it was unethical
or unfair either.

All I am looking for is a copy of the source code and a
way to get my modifications running on the radio.

I contend that this will be good for TenTec and Ham radio
because of the large number of crossover computer hobbyists
who would like to play with radio software. Heck, someone
is going to do it sooner or later, and then TT will be in catch
up mode.

If they only offer one product,  a <$500 SHARC based
RX would be nice, I'll buy it. I believe that product would
sell many thousands and generate demand for a 
complementary transmitter. Heck, there might be some demand
from the educational market with financial incentive from TI
as more programmers for a particular architecture will lead to
more sales.

The TAPR kit is nice, but it's both a hardware and software


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> I agree with you Rich,
> Another problem that arises when a company "sells" open 
> software is support.   Suppose Ten Tec sold the internal 
> software license to we users.  Now........being the expert 
> programmer I am, I'd immediately get in there and make my 
> Jupiter into an Orion..............that would not turn on, blink or do 
> anything else useful.   [grin]  So I call TT and ask them to help 
> me fix this software I bought from them.   It's most likely an 
> unworkable situation and would be a nightmare for TT.
> I like the present structure.  Every few months I get a 
> Christmas present to add the the Jupiter/Pegasus.  
> Thank you Ten Tec,
> -Lee-
> BTW, I think TAPR has a software defined radio kit and some 
> software for those who want to roll their own.   I think the 
> software is free so I doubt there is any support provided.  
> It is instructive to study the software just to get an idea how 
> these amazing boxes work.  See:
> http://www.proaxis.com/~boblark/dsp10.htm
> On 3 Sep 2002 at 13:59, Rich McCabe wrote:
> > Bob,
> > 
> > I am not sure if it is a good analogy or not, but all I am saying is I
> > think we could expect more if we were paying for it.
> > 
> > All I feel I am entitled to is what I got when I opened the box. Any
> > improvements beyond that are a bonus and I do not feel they are owed
> > to me.
> > 
> > As far as being able to "do it yourself". Well I guess that is
> > debatable too. One might consider it good business on Ten Tecs part
> > not allowing you to do this. I have built my business around
> > proprietory stuff because I don't want my customers doing it
> > themselves. Is that unethical or unfair? No, I don't think so, that is
> > just business.
> > 
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