[TenTec] Re: Jupiter firmware problems...NOT! (SO!... )

Dr. M.J. DiGirolamo DrD@2020.com
Tue, 03 Sep 2002 19:05:57 -0400

At 04:10 PM 09/03/2002, you wrote:
>Who started this willing to pay a yearly fee for firmware updates? Are all 
>you let's pay more people out of your minds?! That is like asking the Boss 
>to take 50 dollars a week out of your paycheck for himself or asking can I 
>please pay more in taxes. You bought a great product and paid good money. 
>Ten-Tec is a great company and has legendary customer and product support. 
>Also, remember that Ten-Tec reads this board, why in the world would any 
>Ham offer such a proposition?

Hi Keith and the group,

    LOL, LOL, LOL!!

    I have a reputation of being a very generous person, but you know, I've 
been amused reading this myself.  I'm as fully perplexed by this non-sense 
as Keith.   Who in the world would cheer on paying out  more taxes or 
paying out of pocket for what is already cheerfully provided.

    Talk about going against the grain of common sense!


Mike, W4XN

P.S.  But, then again, I have been shocked by the happenings in our 
government not all too long ago.