[TenTec] Re: Jupiter firmware problems...NOT! (SO!... )

Duane Grotophorst n9dg@yahoo.com
Tue, 3 Sep 2002 18:42:58 -0700 (PDT)

Very well stated.

Also consider that there are two different levels of
code writing involved here. One is control software
and the other is the low-level DSP code. The control
code for the computer control applications is being
handled pretty well by the efforts of Carl, Mike and
others. Ideally though there should be even more, not
because any of these efforts are necessarily lacking
in any way, but simply in the interest of having still
more choices; plus it would be great to have some
additional application/task specific control software
as well.

As for the DSP code level there would be an even
better case for either a support fee based firmware
upgrade approach or perhaps some kind of carefully
managed third party development effort. As it is today
there is significant untapped potential for additional
modes/features/behaviors in all of the existing
ADSP2181/FLASH ROM based TT radios. Unfortunately
there is little or no reason for TT to aggressively
pursue this from a financial perspective.

Just think how much better TTís support reputation
would be if they were to take full advantage of what
this existing programmability has to offer. If you
think the upgrades to date actually represent all the
potential of firmware/software upgrades to these
radios youíve missed the point. And if you consider
the upcoming Orion with its superior analog RF
components/design coupled with better A to Dís and its
higher horsepower DSPís; the potential is now a whole
order of magnitude greater yet.


--- Rich McCabe <rich@1967z28.com> wrote:
> I think the whole "lets pay more" is taken out of
> context. Lets look at the
> much bigger picture. First of all, let me turn my
> statement around and say.
> " I want more and I am willing to pay for it" 
> Although I did not start the
> thread on paying a yearly update, I fully support
> it.
> Heck it is the cheapest thing I can buy for my
> radio. It takes money to
> develop software and because of this new software
> for the Pegasus/Jupiter is
> NOT on the top of Ten Tec's list. Should it be? Heck
> no, they are trying to
> make a living selling the Orion.
> Same with Carl (N4PY). He sells his software on a
> subscription service. He
> is one of the most respected men on this forum and
> has done more for the Peg
> /Jupiter than anyone. I am sure he is motivated by a
> little extra $$. He has
> to eat as well.
> And if you are really gutsy, you can make a bold
> move like Mike Cobuccio
> (WA1EYP) an ex tektronics software guy and write all
> new 32 bit software for
> the Pegasus. You can bet he is going to charge some
> serious coin when he
> releases it. Yea I know, Ten Tec sold the hardware
> in the first place, but
> it is not like that had such a huge profit margin
> they can write new
> software for the next ten years and do it well and
> do it for free.
> I agree a little bit with what most everyone is
> saying, but it is pure
> economics. You have to pay people to get what you
> want. Ten Tec owes us
> nothing. I am willing to pay a small amount for them
> to better the product.
> If we don't like it we can write the code from
> scratch ourselves. About six
> months worth !
> 73,
> Rich

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