[TenTec] Even MORE on vertical antennas!

James Duffer dufferjames@hotmail.com
Wed, 04 Sep 2002 08:22:24 -0500

>Once a signal leaves, and is reflected it is not longer
>vertically or horizontally polarized .... speaking at HF.
>Line of sight, may be different ... but what you are saying
>makes little or no sense AFTER the wave has been
>reflected. Ground wave, OK ... but not after a multi-hop.
>If your statement was true ... then why don't the contest
>stations use verticals for "rotating signals" ????????
>Multiple antennas, at multiple heights allows options as
>to arriving/departing wave angles ... that's what matters,
>not polarization.

HUH HUH?????

Are you suggesting that they (the electromagnetic waves) are no longer 
linearly polarized (no longer vertical or horizontal) but now have a 
circular or elliptical polarization maybe lefthand circular or righthand 
circular etc?  Please discuss this further I am interested in the wave that 
has no electric field orientation referenced to this planet.

73, Jim, wd4air

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