[TenTec] Omni V Audio

Robert & Linda McGraw K4TAX RMcGraw@Blomand.Net
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My Omni VI+ gives about the same audio level as you describe, i.e. volume
control about 8 to 9 o'clock is very comfortable. I use an external speaker
which is in the power supply.   As to advancing the volume more and getting
a feedback, I'd suspect that you are using the internal speaker.  This
happens on my Paragon more so than on the OMNI VI+.  It's a mechanical
feedback path.  I've found that an external speaker generally solves the

Now, If the MONI control is turned up and you transmit and you have the
receiver VOL up, yes you'll get a feedback.  The TX audio is fed back to the
MONI pot which simply mixes it into the RX audio path.  As to the MONI
changing the tone, probably due to some phase cancellation in the electrical
plus acoustic path.  Haven't tried it, but wouldn't be surprised however.

Typically one should use headphones when using the MONI audio.  I keep mind
turned down because it doesn't tell me what I want to know.  The MONI point
is pre ssb modulator and all RF stages.

I wouldn't tamper with the audio gain.  If you want to tame it a bit, add a
6.8K 1/4W resistor between the AF MIN and AM GAIN on connector 55 on the
LOWER POT BOARD.  I think the OMNI V and VI+ are the same in this area.


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> I'd be interested in comparing my Omni V to the Omni V's others own.
> Specifically, how loud is the audio?
> I get full room sounding audio from the speaker with the AF knob at 8
> o'clock.  The minimum setting is at 7 o'clock and anything above 9 o'clock
> sounds like it's going to blow out the speaker.
> Occasionally I get the howl of feedback at any volume setting above the
> minimum.
> The setting of the monitor control in the back changes the tone of the
> (this is while receiving, no transmitting).
> It sounds to me like the audio amplifier is much too powerful, but I don't
> see an inside adjustment in the manual for backing it off.
> Is this typical?   Does your monitor control in the back change the audio
> tone?  How can I reduce the amplification of the audio amplifier?
> Thanks in advance & 73 de K8HJ
> John
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