[TenTec] Pegasus Plus observations

Rich McCabe rich@1967z28.com
Thu, 5 Sep 2002 19:42:25 -0500

It looks like the next BETA of the 32 bit Pegasus Plus software is about =
ready to hit the web. I have been lucky enough to play with it and could =
not resist posting a screen shot.

You can see the image at http://ctiowa.com/pegplus.htm

Couple things that I find amazing about this software is the digitally =
filtered bandscope and the new "super mouse". I have no idea what the =
mouse function is really called but that is the first thing that comes =
to mind. This basically allows you all the same functions as a remote =
POD (and probably more) using an off the shelf mouse with the "wheel" on =
it. If I had the opportunity to use this first I would never have bought =
the remote POD.

The scope is simply amazing. As you can see from the above link the =
scope resolution is very detailed and highly usable. The example screen =
shot shows two vertical lines on the scope and in this case, the green =
is VFO A and the blue is VFO B which corresponds to the digital display =
colors. By left clicking your mouse on the scope display you can monitor =
any frequency on that displays spectrum and a quick right click will set =
that point to either VFO A or B, or the scratch pad. The newest version =
allows you to configure your interface colors including the scope, =
backgroud, grid,etc. It is pretty apparent the programmer is an ex =
Tektronix guy !

There are so many other things that I can not begin to cover them. These =
are the two things I am drooling over this second.=20

So a little show and tell for Peg/Jupiter owners. Couldn't resist. Not =
sure when he plans on posting the new 2.9 version but I would think in =
the next day or two.=20



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