[TenTec] Triton IV audio

Mike Hyder -N4NT- N4NT@charter.net
Fri, 6 Sep 2002 09:03:39 -0400

Hi, Brien--

I use an Omni-C and a Triton 544 and find their audio is about identical.
Both rigs have very quiet audio with no 'rushing' noise that I detect.  My
Corsair II does have a rushing sound to its audio but that is decreased by
reducing the RF gain a bit.

Sounds like you may have a bit of trouble with your Triton.

73, Mike N4NT

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Subject: [TenTec] Triton IV audio

| While we are talking audio - I'd like to solicit opinions on the Triton IV
| audio.
| Is it very HOT or what? Which is to say, on this rig how do you treat the
| RF gain and AF gain?
| I am finding with the one I got a bit back and have not had the chance to
| use much yet is that the audio section (or what I hear when I think I use
| it as a normal way of operation) it is quite 'rushy', sort of
| shhhhhhhhh sounding if placed much beyond initial level (7 to 9 o'clock).
| It appears that the RF gain is best at about 75 to 85% of gain (3 to 4
| o'clock) if not almost full gain and then the audio gain just up enough to
| hear - much AF beyond that and its just too
| rushy/'noisey'/sea-side-whitenoise for my taste.
| With the RF at half way or so, the AF has to be turned up too much and the
| audio is then competing/overriding the RF level I think.
| Or is it that there should be plenty of RF at a level RF gain setting and
| the audio should be such and such a place?
| If people are finding that they generally DON'T see such effects and
| they have a different treatment of the two gain controls please let me
| know and I will talk to
| T-T about maybe the situation with audio amp or other stages that might
| cause this. It either seems to so much hotter than what I have used before
| (OMNI V and OMNI C) for any length of time that I either don't have an
| appreciation for its talents or it needs a different way of use/fix.
| If you think I should hear nothing but a decent noise floor of band
| status, the I really want to know about it!
| It does hear OK it seems - I A:B compared it against a tubed Drake and
| signals heard seemed comparable. But riding the rushes at different signal
| levels seems a bit wearying to me!
| tnx es 73
| Brien Pepperdine