[TenTec] Triton IV audio

Brien Pepperdine pepperb@gov.on.ca
Fri, 6 Sep 2002 08:46:47 -0400 (EDT)

While we are talking audio - I'd like to solicit opinions on the Triton IV

Is it very HOT or what? Which is to say, on this rig how do you treat the
RF gain and AF gain?

I am finding with the one I got a bit back and have not had the chance to
use much yet is that the audio section (or what I hear when I think I use
it as a normal way of operation) it is quite 'rushy', sort of
shhhhhhhhh sounding if placed much beyond initial level (7 to 9 o'clock).
It appears that the RF gain is best at about 75 to 85% of gain (3 to 4
o'clock) if not almost full gain and then the audio gain just up enough to
hear - much AF beyond that and its just too
rushy/'noisey'/sea-side-whitenoise for my taste.

With the RF at half way or so, the AF has to be turned up too much and the
audio is then competing/overriding the RF level I think. 
Or is it that there should be plenty of RF at a level RF gain setting and
the audio should be such and such a place?

If people are finding that they generally DON'T see such effects and
they have a different treatment of the two gain controls please let me
know and I will talk to
T-T about maybe the situation with audio amp or other stages that might
cause this. It either seems to so much hotter than what I have used before
(OMNI V and OMNI C) for any length of time that I either don't have an
appreciation for its talents or it needs a different way of use/fix.
If you think I should hear nothing but a decent noise floor of band
status, the I really want to know about it!

It does hear OK it seems - I A:B compared it against a tubed Drake and
signals heard seemed comparable. But riding the rushes at different signal
levels seems a bit wearying to me!

tnx es 73

Brien Pepperdine
Amateur Radio Station VE3VAW
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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