[TenTec] RE: This is getting boring...

John Clifford johnclif@ix.netcom.com
Thu, 5 Sep 2002 23:41:35 -0700

I think this is a great reflector.  I mostly lurk (except when I feel I can
contribute something), and I like reading about antennas, Ten-Tec history,
other peoples' operating experiences, technical questions and answers, etc.
The fierce loyalty of Ten-Tec owners plus the company's reputation is what
led me to buy my Omni VI off of another list member (at a very good price, I
might add... thanks!).  I have have followed postings and links and have
found all sorts of interesting information.  I'm trying to decide if I
really want that Centaur that has been living on the Ten-Tec used list for a
while... :-)

In short, if you are at all interested in Ten-Tec, and you also have an
interest in ham radio... how can you find this reflector boring?

 - jgc

John Clifford KD7KGX

Heathkit HW-9 WARC/HFT-9/HM-9
Elecraft K2 #1678 /KSB2/KIO2/KBT2/KAT2/KNB2/KAF2/KPA100
Ten-Tec Omni VI/Opt1

email: kd7kgx@arrl.net