[TenTec] rebuilding Century 21 (analog) Longish

Fghester@aol.com Fghester@aol.com
Sun, 8 Sep 2002 18:18:10 EDT

I acquired a very worn but still working Century 21 I'm starting to rebuild.  
I plan to rebuild the vernier drive, replace the momentary zero beat and 
drive switches with SPST switches.  Need to replace the "bezel" around the 
power meter & otherwise tweak and adjust electronically / give it a good 
dusting and cleaning up.  I'm interested in any advice or ideas re: 
improvements from others who have done this.  Also, the vinyl covering on the 
case shells is pretty bad.  Anyone have experience replacing that?  I could 
always take it off and spray paint it Drake Grey or something.  I'm not 
interested in returning it to factory appearance.  Just want it to look very 
nice & be very functional.  I plan to set it up in the shack as an emergency 
CW traffic handling rig and run it on 12 volts DC instead of 120AC.  Ideas / 
advice / warnings appreciated... / Woody / WD9F