[TenTec] Small Ten Tec rig for portable digital ops?

n8coo@juno.com n8coo@juno.com
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 01:52:08 +0100

Thanks for the comments I received.  No response from any Argosy owners,
but I had one person that tried an Argosy II and didn't have much luck,
but sounds like it was possibly the OFFSET control misaligned as he had
problems with his transmit and receive freqs not the same.  Other older
PTO rigs (Triton, Deltas),sounded like a mixed bag  which I kind of

Some Scout and Delta II owners wrote to say they work out great on the
digital modes.  Didn't hear any reservations from them to speak of.

Thanks again for the responses.  Looking forward to visiting Sevierville.

73 de Mark N8COO

On Sat, 7 Sep 2002 01:48:10 +0100 n8coo@juno.com writes:
> I currently have a Ten Tec Argosy (analog) that I am working on,
> primarily for portable CW ops.  However, I have decided, if 
> possible, I
> would like the capability to operate digital modes like PSK31 and 
> RTTY in
> conjunction with a laptop and sound card.  Before I expended the 
> time
> making up cables and everything I wanted to ask the group a few
> questions:
> 1. Has anyone used the Argosy for digital modes and what were the
> results?
> 2. I may want to pick up a little newer rig sometime, like the 
> Scout, for
> CW and digital ops...has anyone had any experience using it for the 
> same
> or heard of any experiences?   
> 3. If not the Scout, what are some other Ten Tec rigs I might 
> consider? 
> I'm trying to stay in the $400-500 range max and it must have 30 
> meter
> capability.  (Of course I might spring for an Argonaut V someday 
> <grin>)
> Note: One drawback of either the Argosy or Scout is the lack of PBT,
> which I find useful on my Paragon in digital modes with the narrow
> filters and shifting the bandpass around to the where I need it.  
> That
> was one thing I never liked about my previous radios and I enjoy 
> with the
> Paragon.
> Or, maybe I'll just get another Paragon and a BIG suitcase to drag 
> it
> around, hi hi...(Of course that would contradict my Small in the 
> subject)
> Thanks and 73 de Mark N8COO
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