[TenTec] Re: Jupiter firmware problems...NOT! (SO!... )

Jay Bromley w5jay@alltel.net
Sun, 8 Sep 2002 18:52:32 -0500

Gezz Walter-- nice to see you have the same old attitude on this reflector
as on QRP-L!   :-)

But Walt you can take this to the bank--- I have 7 hams that all own big
amps and beams within my neighborhood.  Three are on a hill-top over looking
down at my station.  I also have a AM broadcast station (KTCS) less that a
mile away, under modulation that would be around 4 KW plus pep.  My tower is
series resonate below 1700 KHz!  So my station gets a lot of RF!  The TenTec
RX-340 has been the best receiver to date here, not even the great Elecraft
K2 with the rippled up crystal filters was a match at this QTH!  I have a
Inraded TS-850s and it is no match either, still a great rig however, but no
cigar!  The TS-950 is now long gone Walt and I sold the Inrads that were in
it, I don't plan to go backwards unless it is a Omni 6 plus!  Then I will
invest in more Inrad stock, but the Orion will be first.

Walter I sure hope you negative comments influence some of the new Orion
owners, because I could sure use a cheap Orion.  I bet there will be one
here next spring away, hihi.

All Orion owners please, no pretty please note, remember me when you what to
go back to those filtered up FT/IC/TS-whatevers!  Your used piece of ____
(Well Walter knows) should be worth a $2k discount.  I will throw in all the
remaining filters I have.  Boy I have a bunch full in the draw here next to
me!!  Heck if you want the TS-850 you can have it along for the ride!

I still believe in good filters and rigs that use them, but Walter---- come
on, that was a dumb statement and you should know better!

So Walter what do you say is the best rig/receiver out there now??

73 de w5jay/jay..

> Companies .................... as " w " would say, operate FOR PROFIT not
> for customer satisfaction!
> ADVERTISING makes shit smell good :-) DSP radios are SHIT !!     PERIOD,
> of paragraph !!
> Hoopla about listening to PROGRAMMERS is just that , hoopla !
> You can't get within a newyork mile of a KILOWATT station with a DSP
> even if it has the name TENTEC on the front and back panel.
> What is an ORION ? Why it is a $3300 dollar PROFIT for TenTec that's what!
> What's inside you might ask .......................
> An OMNI-6 PLUS and PEGASUS , that's what ! With a NERD screen that does
> nothing for transmit or receive ! Will that be a wining combination, will
> the NERDS buy, Christmas will tell. This is a venture into the UNKNOWN
> ............... is the display more important that the GUTS
> ah, MARKETING !!
> Walt Amos K8CV Royal Oak, MI.
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> Subject: RE: [TenTec] Re: Jupiter firmware problems...NOT! (SO!... )
> > Whether or not I own a Jupiter, or whether or not I own a Ten-Tec radio
> > all, is totally irrelevant to this discussion.
> >
> > I, as an owner of Ten-Tec equipment and a potential owner of new
> equipment,
> > represent a point of view that should be important to Ten-Tec.  You, as
> > owner of a Jupiter, also represent a point of view that is important.
> > However... from a purely economical vantage, the view of a potential
> > Jupiter/Orion purchaser SHOULD BE more important than a current Jupiter
> > owner.
> >
> > Why?  How much additional revenue will Ten-Tec get from you concerning
> your
> > current Jupiter purchase?  Zip, zero, nada, nothing (unless they go to a
> > subscription model for updates, and I think they should).  My potential
> > purchase (and the thousands of potential purchasers out there) is
> important,
> > and if many potential purchasers are put off by what they see as QC
> > problems... then sales will be down.  And that is not a good thing for
> > anyone who likes Ten-Tec (as I do).
> >
> > Many years ago, I was at a meeting of ALL of the software developers for
> > certain Redmond-based software company where we listened to an industry
> > pundit speak.  His main topic... "perception is reality."  This offended
> me
> > at first... HEY, we write great software!  But as I listened to him and
> I
> > thought about what he was saying, I realized that he was doing me, and
> > company, a BIG favor.
> >
> > You don't have a problem with several rapid buggy releases, or the
> > level of Ten-Tec QC.  Fine.  Read the Jupiter reviews and comments on
> > and various other Internet venues.  Many people DO have a problem with
> > Many times MORE people read these comments and reviews, and these add a
> > level of uncertainty to the PERCEIVED wisdom of buying a Ten-Tec.  If
> people
> > are unsure, they don't buy.
> >
> > Perception is reality.  Whether or not Ten-Tec's QC is better/worse/the
> same
> > as Icom/Kenwood/Yaesu/etc., the PERCEPTION out there is that it is
> > Things like releasing three updates that have to be quickly reversed due
> to
> > bugs doesn't help reduce that perception... and since anyone can browse
> the
> > Ten-Tec elist this is very public to potential purchasers like most hams
> who
> > are willing to do a little bit of research.
> >
> > My suggestion (and it is only a suggestion) is that it would behoove
> Ten-Tec
> > to visibly show an increased commitment to QC by having at least a
> six-month
> > window where QC was emphasized AND Ten-Tec publicly touted the proof of
> this
> > (percent of returns for QC problems decreasing from x% to y%).  Remember
> > Ford's big slogan "Quality is Job #1" after they got beat up for
> > design and manufacturing defects?
> >
> > Again, I like Ten-Tec, and I do plan to buy a new rig (maybe more than
> one)
> > from them in the near future... but I want them to be around to support
> it!
> > That means all those fence-sitting hams who aren't sure whether Ten-Tec
> > the way to go need to be convinced... and I am convinced that improving
> > will make a big difference all out of proportion to the costs involved.
> >
> >  - jgc
> >
> > John Clifford KD7KGX
> >
> > Heathkit HW-9 WARC/HFT-9/HM-9
> > Elecraft K2 #1678 /KSB2/KIO2/KBT2/KAT2/KNB2/KAF2/KPA100
> > Ten-Tec Omni VI/Opt1
> >
> > email: kd7kgx@arrl.net
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