[TenTec] Re: Jupiter firmware problems...NOT! (SO!... )

Jay Bromley w5jay@alltel.net
Mon, 9 Sep 2002 00:33:11 -0500

Hi Walt,

OK I will cut down on the repost message.  There is no reason to have the
shields up Walt, everyone knows the theory on how this stuff works.  It
really just boils down to your own operating style to what the ultimate rig
is.  The last time I was in a contest (NAQP ssb) I didn't drag the HP
service monitor along for the ride.

While the Jupiter may not be the ultimate receiver, like the ARRL reviews
shows, but for the other side of the story take for example (and since I
picked on it earlier) the "K2".  Right off the bat let me state that the K2
is a super little QRP rig and I have supported, built, all the Wayne Burdick
QRP rigs.  The K2 is a super fun little rig with a STRONG cult following.
While the K2 tests out better, it is not as flexible to me as the Jupiter
for a total package in a Shack/Home environment.

Yes on the trail operating from a battery the K2 wins,  but does the K2
sound as good on both SSB receive and transmit as a Jupiter/Pegasus, NO!
Can the K2 listen to Art Bell on AM broadcast, NO!  If you have a K2 you are
stuck to 3.830 LSB for that :-(  sorry!  :-)  Does the K2 come with computer
control standard, with nice control software, NO.  Does it do AM receiver
and transmit, NO!  Can the K2 listen to Art Bell on short wave using the AM
mode with variable filtering, NO.  I could go on forever and what it boils
down to is, what do you need in a rig?  Saying all DSP rigs are s_____ (well
go ask Walt) is not telling it straight, Period Walter!

The CW on the Jupiter/Pegasus for us mere mortals ain't too bad either
Walter and has features that the K2 doesn't like I posted many months ago on
QRP-L.  Again the audio is superior to me on the Jupiter.   The break-in is
a draw between the two, with an edge to the K2.  Walt I also owned another
DSP only rig the Kenwood TS-870 that rates way down rig comparison scale on
the Elecraft web-site.  But in certain CW contests I could do things with
the TS-870's 50Hz filter that the K2 sitting next to it couldn't begin to
do, but that is another rig and another story.  The break-in on the TS-870
using a outboard Cmos III keyer wasn't in the same class as the K2 or
Jupiter :-(

We are talking DSP only radios here, right Walt?

Flexibility of the Pegasus/Jupiter is flat hard to beat for $800 to $1200.
When I owned the K2 and using in the high performance mixer mode (since we
are now talking mixers) I could tell very little difference in the real
world.  Walt if you remember when I did a mini review of the Jupiter on
QRP-L you questioned the rig then and I replied back to you that even though
it was not the super contest grade receiver I loved the way it sounded and
worked on SSB, CW, and AM.  There is more to life than a contest grade CW
rig for some operators!

This is kinda like audio amplifiers, some have super specs that sound like
s_____ (well go ask Walt) :-)
Is there a market for a amplifier that doesn't have as spectacular specs
that sounds better?  You bet there is.

Not every one builds or needs a contest grade receiver.  Nor do they want a
ham band only receiver with just CW/SSB modes.  BTW Walter, I still love the
Omni anything series.  The Omni C has a receiver that reminds me of the K2,
I wonder how it would stack up in the Elecraft rig comparison list?  I still
have the Omni C, the only thing I could knock on it is the side tone that
sound more like a buzz saw and the audio hang AGC.  I just turn both off and
go on.  Different strokes for different hams, I would take the Omni C over
1000 K2s because I like a radio that does well also on SSB and has the look
and feel of a real radio.  Even though the K2 would probably have better

Now were did I put those Hybrid combiners, let's see will it be the IFR or
the HP tonight because I think I will fire up the all DSP RX-340 receiver
that is NOT s_____ (go ask Walter though ) tonight, hihi.

For 99.9% of the hams that are just starting and for some that are not just
starting out the DSP/Jupiter/Pegasus would be super rig to have!  For those
special contest gurus, well------- they sure don't need Walter's or my
advice on picking out the best rig.  But I am still curious Walter as to
which one you would recommend that is in current production as the
"Ultimate".  Walt I believe your statement I was replying to was that all
DSP radios are s______ (well go ask Walt), but I bet the guys using the
Pegasus/Jupiter for transmit and the RX-340 for the receiver would differ!!
That is a all DSP combination that is not S________ well Walter can fill in
the blanks!  :-)

Orion the time is on your side not Walts!!

73 de w5jay/jay..

> Well, first off thanks for the whole message! I been getting all kind of
> FLACK from it :-)
> Shields are up :-)
> I do live in an urban setting with RF all around me. Best radio, an old
> ! It was DEAF but it sure didn't get interfered with :-)
> It is not the FILTERS that are the problem, it is the MIXERS ! Now you
> that, so why are you blathering on about filters. There is absolutely no
> front end in the Pegasus ( it's an $800 radio) for that price. I have had
> other DSP radios and will not get one until QST runs a rave review and the
> guys on the contest reflector start selling there stuff and buying it. I
> rarely post for just this reason.
> Will the ORION be the radio of the year, only time will tell