[TenTec] Pegasus Plus. . . .goodbye

Rick Tyler rp.tyler@worldnet.att.net
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 18:56:51 -0400

Well, I tried and tried through all the variations and upgrades . . . and
tried several things the developer said to try, and tuning the Pegasus using
Pegasus Plus with the remote Pod still stinks!  It's just not smooth like
the N4PY software or even the original TenTec. And now  when I would try to
leave the Pegasus Plus, more often than not it would lock up the computer.
Well, some would say, and have hinted, that maybe my computer or windows 98
(AMD 950mhz 264mb ram Windows 98SE) is at fault, but funny, this is the only
program that causes any trouble of any kind.  So I wish the developers well,
but I've taken this software out of my system and will stick with the N4PY
I was wondering if any of you have been having similar troubles.
If this was the only software there was, I wouldn't be running a Pegasus!

73 de Rick, WQ8Q