[TenTec] Pegasus Plus. . . .goodbye

John L Merrill jmerrill1@adelphia.net
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 19:09:21 -0400

I had that problem with earlier versions but seems to be ok now. I too 
dont like the way the pod is used in the PPLus program. So I use N4PY's 
for that reason and others. But I wouldnt give up on it entirely. It's 
just beta.

John N1JM

Rick Tyler wrote:

>Well, I tried and tried through all the variations and upgrades . . . and
>tried several things the developer said to try, and tuning the Pegasus using
>Pegasus Plus with the remote Pod still stinks!  It's just not smooth like
>the N4PY software or even the original TenTec. And now  when I would try to
>leave the Pegasus Plus, more often than not it would lock up the computer.
>Well, some would say, and have hinted, that maybe my computer or windows 98
>(AMD 950mhz 264mb ram Windows 98SE) is at fault, but funny, this is the only
>program that causes any trouble of any kind.  So I wish the developers well,
>but I've taken this software out of my system and will stick with the N4PY
>I was wondering if any of you have been having similar troubles.
>If this was the only software there was, I wouldn't be running a Pegasus!
>73 de Rick, WQ8Q
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