[TenTec] Re: Confusion about 563 and 564

W5VPU@aol.com W5VPU@aol.com
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 16:51:49 EDT

I made a statement I want to retract about the "dead horse" syndrome.

I agreed that "yes, we've beaten the horse to death." On reflection, I take 
an additional viewpoint.

Those of us who read and read numerous opinions about different issues can 
wish to talk of something else. We may forget those for whom the issue is not 
a dead horse. Indeed, for them it is not a horse at all, but an issue in 
which they have some strong feelings invested. I want to honor that and not 
disregard it.

Further, there may be many many newcomers who are a bit timid about writing 
anything. They may read and read. But then one day, like a kid approaching 
the diving board at the swimming pool for the first time, they gather their 
courage and write out an opinion, a question, and wonderment, a wish. They 
have finally for them taking a huge step and leap into the pool of other hams!

I want to honor those as well. For by writing anything at all on the 
reflector, they have finally "taken out membership" on the reflector and 
given us their reflections! Hurrah for their joining the rest of us. Any 
other viewpoints about this take on folk who dare to express themselves?

73   Raymond Perkins  w5vpu
Oklahoma City, OK

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