[TenTec] Re: Confusion about 563 and 564

Travis Martin tmartin198@cox.net
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 17:17:03 -0500

I think you got it about right. The nice thing about using the "reply"
function to comment on a thread is that, since the subject line stays
intact, it gives those to whom it is a "dead horse" the ability to quickly
and easily delete it without having to even open it. If it REALLY bugs 'em
they can even set up a filter for it so they don't even know it was there!

I've never really understood those who make comments along the lines of "can
we drop this thread" and thus add to the thread when if they genuinely
didn't want to read any more on that thread they could delete the messages

As you note, it may well still be of great interest to someone else....I had
observed about the same things as has been mentioned with regard to the
563/564 and found it somewhat interesting since I was considering buying

Okay, now that I've had my say, let's drop the thread.
(Just kidding...)


Travis N5AY

> I want to honor those as well. For by writing anything at all on the
> reflector, they have finally "taken out membership" on the reflector and
> given us their reflections! Hurrah for their joining the rest of us. Any
> other viewpoints about this take on folk who dare to express themselves?
> 73   Raymond Perkins  w5vpu