[TenTec] 563 vs 564

Bill KB9IV wmarvin@mnic.net
Sat, 14 Sep 2002 12:21:52 -0500

Interesting and educational about the Omni 6  Opt3 and the 6+. I'm not going to re-hash what's
been posted. I am however going to give the merrits of owning the two differnet xcvrs which I
have owned or own now.

First, the Omni Opt 3 is my prefered radio....why? The 6+ has way to many 10 meter birdies
and encoder hash.  Making 10 meters nearly useless for DX'ing. Everytime I turn the knob
on the 10 meter band it sounds like ripping a sheet of paper. The Opt 3 has very little
of this problem although not perfect.

SMD parts vs leaded parts. Well I prefer leaded parts. Larger value chip caps are prone to
failure and breakdown with time. I have 14 years factory repair experience and leaded parts
are more stable. SMD parts are more difficult to replace unless you have a few years experience
replacing them. Overall the Opt3 really shines for reliability over time.

TCXO vs Crystal Oven.  The 6+ has it over the Opt3.  The Opt 3 doesn't stabilize for a few
minutes unless you leave the DC supply on all the time. TCXO has a cold start stability over
the Option 3 although a minor inconvience.

I really like the Omni 6 series xcvr. Straight forward and no frills. Albeit differences in
the two models. I think the 6+ was a minor step backwards as to do with performance. Just
my 5 cents worth. Now.......how about the Orion?

73's Bill