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KD5NWA KD5NWA@MBayona.com
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 09:45:50 -0500

It's back, I unplugged all connectors and reseated them, and the Corsair is
it's old self again. After I move I'll get a bottle of contact cleaner and
go over the connections again.

Thanks to everyone for they suggestions, I even had one ham offer a loaner,
you just can't get any better that that.


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Try some contact cleaner on the connectors that mate the display board and
the driver board. I was loosing a whole row of sgments at a time. I put a
little Deoxit in the connectors and have been trouble free ever since. Don't
go overboard, just a little to wet the contacts. It's woth a try before
sending it home for a visit.

73 Harry

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> My wonderful Corsair has gone amuck, the frequency display is changing all
> over the place and is totally on the wrong band. I guess it's time to pack
> it and send it to Ten-Tec, it could have happened at a worst time, I'm in
> the process of moving to a house in the country, and I will be spending
> money like crazy buying new furniture, and finally I'll have a decent
> antenna, but alas no radio for a while. Just as well, I need to upgrade my
> license. The house sits on 30 acres with underground power, and 180, X
> clearing around the house with very tall trees (> 60 feet) 360 degrees
> around the house.  Let's see a couple of dipoles at different angles, one
> giant loop around the field, I guess I'm going to have plenty of stuff to
> until my Corsair gets back.
> Cecil
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