[TenTec] Corsair 11

Malcolm McLeman malcolm.mcleman@free.fr
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 17:38:21 +0100

Hi Y'all,

Just been accepted to the Tentec club. Name is Malcolm call is F5VBU =
also GM3UIN. Many moons ago after the failure of my trusty and much =
modified FT101B decided to take a chance, bought a Corsair One from a =
friend in a non transmittable mode. Replaced the driver transistors and =
she gave me wonderful service,  even now is still a good ham bands =
receiver.. Dynamic range second to none...
2. Decided to go for a Corsair 2 also bought from a friend, very pleased =
with the purchase because in the interim I was using a JRC JST 135 which =
I had consistent bad keying reports on CW... The Corsair 2 is working =
fine with two exceptions... a) on receive it does not got through the =
pass band of the signal as I would analogically like eg with a bit of a =
warble (after all it is not DDS)  b) the 28 mhz dial readout gives a 1 =
instead of a 2 in the tens of megahertz but transmits and receives as =
per normal. Tentec service maintain it is a rf osc/mixer fault but using =
the JST135 to monitor on transmit is solid as a rock..
3. Grateful any comments

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