William Mansey; WA2PVK res0wsci@verizon.net
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 13:08:35 -0400

Hello All,
    I was of the mind-set that placed little, or reduced, emphasis on =
microphones.  I could not see what the big deal was with regard to the =
Heil microphones or any other "fancy" ones.  I had been happy with my =
Ten-Tec desk microphone for the past couple of years.  The microphone =
connects to the antenna through an adaptor.  The adaptor in my case is a =
Jupiter. =20
    My mind was definitely changed when I bought a HM-10 (dual element) =
microphone.  WOW!  What a difference!  I had been trying to "get" KC4AAC =
(Skip, at Palmer Station Antarctica) every night for a week but could =
not get through the pileup.  I connected the new microphone and, using =
the "narrow" setting, was answered on my second try.  The audio =
definitely has added "punch" and I am sure that this contact was not due =
to coincidence.  My received signal of KC4AAC was never very good and =
band conditions seemed similar each night.  (KC4AAC is on 14.243.00 +/- =
@01:00 Z) =20
    I am running barefoot and was using only a modest, small, vertical =
antenna.  (Cushcraft MA5V)=20
I was also able to get through to a station in New Guinea on 17 meters =
with no problem. =20
    I have NOTHING to gain by mentioning either the microphone or =
antenna.  If anyone would like additional information - please reply =
directly.  If anyone has space limitations and is looking for a decent =
antenna - please respond directly also.
    It is not my intention to post something that sounds like a =
"commercial".  I just have found some things that I am pleased with and =
wish to share the information.   73; Bill

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