[TenTec] Need Advice on Paragon 585 (Memory)

Tony Martin w4foa@voy.net
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 20:11:53 -0400

WOW!  I don't know why I am surprised at the wonderful help in the way
of suggestions and stating personal experiences with the 585.  I have a
ton of info to convey to my friend. Some of the suggestions are probably
"doable" but others might not be so easy.

It appears the 585 was prone to eat batteries unless the power supply
was left on while the 585 itself was powered down.  Not sure if this is
possible in his location where he has no internet access and not even
sure if he has a telephone. Constant power may also be a problem.

The suggestions will certainly help him identify the problem, especially
if he can tie the "two week" period when the memory worked just fine, to
a time when he was very active and had the power supply on for prolonged
periods of time.  I'm not familiar with the "mod" for the 585 which
helps with this problem, but since he has no computer/internet and no
access to parts, I doubt if that would be a viable option.

Anyway, I have printed copies of all the messages and will pass the info
to him when we next talk.  Thank you again for your wonderful support. 
Special thanks to K5KVH W8EK AC5E K4DPK WB9IOG and KC4EE.

Take care....if I get any feedback on what might work for him, I will
pass along....thanks again...

Tony, W4FOA

Tony Martin wrote:
> Gang,
> I am seeking some advice on a problem being experienced by a
> fellow ham in remote Phlippine Islands.  He is using a Paragon
> 585, and it works perfectly except for the memory.
> He is using a rechargable 9 volt battery (this may be a problem?)
> which sometimes keep the memory for a day or two and once or
> twice kept the memory for a couple of weeks. He also mentioned he is not
> using the TenTec power supply, but I don't think that
> should matter, right?
> He does not have internet, so it is not real easy to pass along
> info with any guarantee of success.  Appreciate any ideas which
> I will pass along when we next communicate.
> Take care..
> Tony, W4FOA
> Barry N1EU wrote:
> >
> > I don't believe it's been mentioned on the list
> > before, but the cards Ten-Tec sent out not only
> > mention that the Argonaut V ship date is now October
> > 15, but also state that the Orion will ship in
> > November.
> >
> > 73,
> > Barry N1EU
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