[TenTec] WORTH READING - N7JI selling almost everything - THP-750, keys, paddles, keyers, VHF, QRP, HF, filters, service monitor, HTs, batteries, ANC-4, accessories, antennas, lots more

Scott Rosenfeld [N7JI] ham@w3eax.umd.edu
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 02:40:57 -0400 (EDT)

It's finally happened - cleaning up the garage, choosing ONLY the 
radio equipment I absolutely HAVE to keep, and selling the rest.
Less radios, more baby stuff.  Those with kids understand what I'm 

If you ever visited my house in Maryland, you saw "the closet."  This 
basically represents EVERYTHING I had in my closet full of radio stuff.

No, I'm not dying (at least, my doctors don't think so).  I'm just 
straightening and simplifying.  And no, I'm not leaving the hobby - I'm 
keeping much of my test equipment and antenna-construction stuff, plus an 
HT, my OMNI V, a few QRP rigs, and a small assortment of iambic paddles.

All prices are negotiable - package deals and offers considered.
Trades possible but obviously not of first priority.


Ramsey COM3 - say what you will about Ramsey, but it's a decent service
monitor for the price.  Have used it to align many a radio.  1-1000 MHz, 
variable modulation, case/handle and pager decode options.  120 VAC 
and also has internal NiCd battery.  18 lbs, "portable."

Measures deviation & freq., RF/audio freq., and generates AM/FM with 
and without 1 kHz tone of variable amplitude. Rx AM & FM and outputs
audio to internal speaker.					$1600

HF STUFF (QRP and filters and otherwise)

Ten-Tec filters - 218, 282, 288, 288 (yes, two 288s).		$70 ea.

Ten-Tec Scout module, 17m.					$25

Tokyo Hy-Power HTP HT-750 40/15/6m SSB/CW handheld.  Excellent 
condition w/box, manual.  Low power consumption, ability to run off
NiCd batteries, noise blanker; uses Icom-compatible speaker-mics.
Does NOT include whip antenna.  Used for 1st place, 2001 SSB Sweeps,
OR section, QRP category.  Digital tuning. Good front end.	$525

Radio Shack HTX-100 10m SSB/CW mobile, good cond. w/box		$125

Oak Hills Research "Classic," 20/40m QRP CW rig.  Some scrapes but works
well.  Electronic keyer installed.  W/manual.			$155

Ten-Tec 1340, great phys. cond, not quite working.  		$70

Radio Shack DX-394 desktop SW receiver.  Has BFO, digital tuning, 
several timers, lots of other features.  Excellent condition.	$170


Heathkit HD1416 code oscillator					$16
Ham Radio Center HAM KEYER HK5A					$50
MFJ 422B piggyback keyer for Bencher paddle			$50
Vectronics CK200 electronic keyer				$50
MFJ-407B deluxe electronic keyer (Curtis 8044)			$50
MFJ-557 code oscillator w/key					$20
Vibroplex Brass Racer w/Curtis 8044 keyer EK-1, triangle	$125
Vibroplex Brass Racer, no keyer, triangle			$100
Whiterook MK-33 single lever paddle				$12
Paddlette BP-1 iambic paddle backpacker w/case			$35
Paddlette MK-1 iambic paddle					$40
Ten-Tec 606 single lever paddle					$40
Ten-Tec 607 single lever paddle					$40
Nye Viking Master Key Straight Key				$50
J-38 knockoff w/knee mount					$25
Jones Iambic paddle				offers considered
Kent twin paddle (iambic)			offers considered
Ham Radio Center HAM KEY Iambic paddle		offers considered
Ham Radio Center HAM KEY Straight key		offers considered


MFJ 901B 200w 160-10m tuner.  No meters, very compact. 		$55
Nye Viking Lowpass filter (cylindrical) - HF.			$25
B&W FL-6/100 Lowpass for 6m.					$20
Drake TV-42-LP lowpass filter.  VERY sturdy. 			$30
BUD LF601A adjustable lowpass (52-72 ohms) - have 2, one with box. 
								make offer!

JPS ANC-4 noise cancelling unit.  Cancels out noise on ANTENNA side
thus preventing it from ever reaching RX.  Excellent cond w/sense
antenna, box, and manual.  Tried for mobile use - worked great 
but found I had to readjust every time the car moved :)		$140.

Autek WM-1 computing wattmeter PEP/avg computing wattmeter.  Unit is in
near-perfect condition physically but I seem to remember something about
it not working last time I tried it a year ago.  Sells for $133 new,
asking $85 as no wattmeter is that hard to fix...I just don't have the
time to think about it right now.				$85

Radio Shack digital wattmeter, MTA-20.  Great cond, w/box.  
Good to 1w (use one myself for QRP) and up to 2kW. Part #21-527. $55

VHF radios and accessories

Alinco DR-610 2m/440 mobile.  Excellent condition w/box, manual, 
memory board and tone squelch board.  Remote control functions
and way too many features to list.  Lightly used.		$360

TWO Radio Shack HTX-212 50w 2m mobile FM, excellent condition,
in box w/manual, mic.						$120 ea.

ONE Radio Shack HTX-212 50w 2m mobile w/mic.  I marked it as NG
and don't remember why.  Anyway, time to sell!			$75

TWO Alinco DJ-F1T 2m HTs w/extended RX range.  Good condition.  Comes
w/three batteries, two chargers, one box, one manual, speaker-mic, 
car adaptor, two antennas (one bent but working).		$225 for all

TWO Yaesu FT-50R/FTT-12 handhelds (2m/440 MHz) w/box, manuals.   
Wideband RX, mil-spec construction, digital voice recorder,
in excellent condition with the following:

	NC-50 dual slot rapid charger w/CA-14 sleeves
	Periphex NC-601 rapid charger
	PA-17 battery extender
	SEVEN (yes, 7) FNB-41 batteries
	THREE FNB-40 batteries
	ONE FNB-49 battery
	ONE FNB-47 (high capacity) battery
	ONE FNB-15 battery case
	TWO MH-34 speaker mics
	ONE EDC-34 filtered power cord
	ADMS-1D programming software and cable

This would cost over $1100 if purchased today (and it can be at any 
major ham retailer!).  Offers considered on parts or entire package.

Yaesu VX-1R micro handheld - 2m/440 with wideband rx.  Box, manual, 
lithium-ion battery.  Excellent shape - antenna is bent (it happens). $100

Yaesu FT-470 2m/440 HT.  Excellent condition, dual receive, tone 
encode/decode.  With:

	PA-6 car adaptor (3 of them!)
	MH18A2B speaker mic
	7.2v 1200 mAh battery
	FBA-17 battery case (2)
	NC-28B charger (2)
	12v 600 mAh battery
	Novex BC20 5-hour drop-in charger, w/box

Sell entire package for $255.

THREE Radio Shack HTX-202 2m HTs and ONE ICOM 2AT 2m thumbwheel HT.
Comes with:

	Icom BC-35 drop-in rapid charger
	W&W 8.4v 1400 mAh battery
	Icom DC-1
	Icom speaker mic
	TWO Radio Shack alkaline battery cases
	TWO Radio Shack NiCd batteries
	Icom BP-3

Asking $285 for all of the above.  Yes, four radios.  If you want fewer, 
let me know and I'll consider breaking it apart.

Radio Shack PRO-2039 200 channel base scanner, cell blocked.
Exc. cond. in box.						$150

Radio Shack Pro-51 200 channel handheld scanner, cell blocked.
Exc. condiition, in box.					$150

Larsen AD2/70 200w PEP duplexer for 2m/440 MHz.			$30
SY25D 2m/440 duplexer.						$22
Comet CF360 duplexer - HF/49-470 MHz				$45
Alinco EDC-36 cigarette lighter cable		mk offer
Alinco EMS-8 speaker/mic for DJ-580T		mk offer
Alinco battery for DJ-580T			mk offer
Icom CP-13 filtered power cord			mk offer
Alinco EJ-19U memory unit for DR-610T		mk offer
Yaesu FTS-8 tone board for FT-736R		mk offer
Maldol AH-209 stubby 2m/440 antenna (BNC)	mk offer
Kenwood 2m/440 MHz BNC antenna			mk offer 
Alinco 2m/440 MHz BNC antenna			mk offer
Generic Japanese 2m/440 MHz BNC antenna	(2)	mk offer
Comet SMA3 2m/440 SMA antenna (3)				$25 ea	


MFJ-432 Voice keyer, excellent cond w/box & manual. $120 new.
	Infrequently used (operate mostly CW)			$90
Radio Shack DSP-40 DSP/speaker unit.  5w audio amp, w/box. (2)	$35 ea
Alinco EDS-4 remote kit for DX-70T, in box.			$30
Alinco EDS-5 8-pin mic extension cable, in box (2)		$25 ea
JPS NIR-10 digital audio processor, ex. cond.			$125
Autek QF-1A audio filter, very good shape (2)			$45 ea

VHF amps 

Non-working Radio Shack HTA20, don't remember why not wkg.	$20
Mirage B23 30w 2m amp, on/off switch installed, VG cond.	$55
RF Concepts VHF-1-60 2m HT amplifier, 1w in gives 60w out.	$130
  (designed for FM but who knows, modifiable for class AB?)

Ahh, daddyhood.  So much radio stuff, so little time to use it.
I am exposing Hannah to lots of CW (as time permits) and she actually
was on my lap (asleep) during Field Day at age 5 weeks.  

Anyway, I've identified the bare essentials and am keeping the pieces 
I absolutely MUST have on hand.

Offers and package deals considered.

HAPPY SHOPPING!  Seriously, feel free to make offers!

Scott Rosenfeld  ARS N7JI
541-684-9970  Eugene, OR  Land o' much rain
If you find me on the air, I'm probably in my car
ham@w3eax.umd.edu  http://w3eax.umd.edu/~ham