[TenTec] these paddles r great!

Jim FitzSimons Jim FitzSimons" <cherry@getnet.net
Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:07:18 -0700

I use those paddles also. I double sticky them to the top of my portable

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> Thanks, guys, for your help in chosing cw paddles for my wheelchair mobile
> ham station.  i bought the Mini Palm Paddles from Palm Radio.
> http://www.mtechnologies.com/palm/ .  they r fantastic.  as big as a Pez
> candy dispense and the paddles slide in the case when not in use.  tiny,
> made in Germany, $69 and well worth it.  If u r looking for great paddles
> for portable cw, these r the ones!
> Bob, KZ2G --- 10-10 # 10148
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