[TenTec] Jupiter Issue

J. Duffy Beischel duffyb01@fuse.net
Sat, 21 Sep 2002 20:12:06 -0400

I think I found the problem.  After updating the Jup to 1.23, I left the 
serial cable attached since I was playing around with the Pegasus 
emulation mode.  As soon as I disconnected the serial cable, the problem 
went away.


Bill Fulling wrote:

>Hello Duff,
>Got the same problem with my Jupe-have had several other rigs in the shack
>and every time I spoke to anyone at Dollyland,the stock answer was "you must
>have RF in ur shack".Got a darn near bulletproof ground system  here
>and,no,other rigs do not exhibit ths problem.Basically,T/T rigs do not have
>good shielding and if you can live with this,thay are great.
>The problems with my Jupe are simalar to yours:
>1.On 20 mtrs,RF gets into my D104 mike-if I use a T/T 700 handheld,no
>2.On 17 mtrs,RF gets into the T/T 700 but not into the D-104.
>3.When using the J-303 remote pod on 10 mtrs,the xmit freq will automaticlly
>start counting downward unless I "wriggle" the tuning knob on the
>remote-then it stops:this only occurs while in front panel operation.
>When in Peg emulation mode,the problem does not occur.
>Basically,the fundamental problem is piss poor shielding in the Jupe.
>73 de Bill W4NJF
>Bill Fulling
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>>I installed 1.23 of the firmware and have a new, but very strange problem.
>>I am using an LDG AT 11MP autotuner with the Jupiter.  When on 15
>>meters, and this only happens on 15 meters, if I press the tune button
>>on the Jupiter, the rig immediately changes frequency to somewhere
>>between 20 and 22 Mhz.  I have tried all other bands and everything
>>works fine on those bands.  Anyone else experience this?
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