[TenTec] T T sunday net

Edward Crawford w4wvw@msn.com
Sun, 22 Sep 2002 23:05:43 -0400

Hi, Paul. GE. I haven't heard the 20m TenTec net on for a long time eithe=
r. I don't think anyone committed to taking it over after Will hung up th=
e microphone after handling it so well for so long. Sure would like to he=
ar it come back on the air sometime. It was a most enjoyable get together=
 for a Sunday afternoon. Wouldn't mind taking a turn about picking up the=
 net if we could get several NCS's in a rotation on a regular schedule. I=
 have listened to the 40m net several times. They have a good group in th=
ere, but I just don't have anything intelligent to add to their discussio=
n about the computer enhanced rigs. It's all about 20 years ahead of the =
Tennessee technology that takes up space in my shack.
cul de Ed W4WVW, Winston Salem NC. 73

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Does the 20m sunday net still exist? I havent heard it for several weeks.
Did hear the one on 40m last week. 73 Paul K9OT

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