[TenTec] Jupiter tuning knob

Paul DeWitte K9OT k9ot@mhtc.net
Sun, 22 Sep 2002 22:58:29 -0500

I have had several inquiries as to how I fixed the tuning knob rubbing on
the radio case. I am not sure why mine quit rubbing but I have looked into
the problem a bit further.

The knob on my Jupiter is PLASTIC. What I thought was a rubber boot next to
the case is part of the plastic knob. For those of you that have a problem
with it rubbing there is a quick easy fix. Around  the outside of the knob
is a rubber band that looks like it is knurled. It is about 11/16 inch wide.
That rubber band will slide off of the knob.

Underneath the rubber band you will find a hole in the knob close to the
plastic flange that I thought was a rubber boot and turned out to be part of
the plastic knob (this is what rubs the radio case). In the hole is an allen
set screw. You can adjust the knob to be any distance from the case you

After seeing that it is plastic I understand why it wobbled when I turned
it. A brass sleeve insert in the knob would take care of the wobbling and
also keep you from stripping out the threads when tightening it, or breaking
it from over tightening. This is a long explanation to a quick fix, I hope
it helps someone 73 Paul K9OT