[TenTec] TT equipment for sale

VE1BN@aol.com VE1BN@aol.com
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 10:14:51 EDT

bj: Equipment for Sale
Date:   9/18/02
To: tentec@contesting.com

I have the following for sale.  Am cleaning house.  Original Ten-Tec packing 
and cartons. Shipped UPS from VE1 location, you pay shipping.
1.   Ten-Tec Paragon, Model 585, 100 Watt HF transceiver.  Covers 
100 kHz to 30 mHz. Can also transmit on the new 5 mHz band when that band is 
authorized.  Purchased new from Ten-Tec. In excellent working condition, with 
no scratches or dents, etc., on cabinet. Complete with basic filters, 6.0 and 
2.4 mHz, and Giehl chip.  Manual and power cable are included. Non smoker 
environment.  Asking $700 US.

2.   Ten-Tec OMNI 6 Plus, Model 564, 100 Watt HF transceiver with DSP.  
Covers all ham bands. Purchased new in 1997, it is in truly near mint 
condition, no scratches, dents, etc. Included are all filters, standard 2.4 
kHz, plus 1.8, 0.5, 0.25 kHz, and 1.8 and 0.5 kHz in the N1 and N2 positions. 
 Manual and near mint model 962 power supply.   Asking $1700 US.   This is a 
real bargain!  Non smoker.

3.   Ten-Tec Titan RF Amplifier, export Model 425E, covers all ham bands. In 
excellent condition, no scratches, dents, etc. Was purchased new. Will 
deliver 1500 Watts into a dummy load.  Both 3CX800A7 tubes are excellent. 
Tube overdrive protection kit added. Complete with power supply and manual.  
Asking $1600 US,  or best offer. A real bargain!  Non smoker environment.

4.   Ten-Tec VCXO kit.  New, in original packing.  Never installed.  Was 
purchased as a future replacement for the crystal heater in an OMNI 6 or 6+.  
 Asking $55 US mailed to you.

If interested, my email address is VE1BN@aol.com, and phone number is 


Don,  VE1BN