[TenTec] Orion shown with Heil mike

James Fonte james.fonte@callisma.com
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 17:07:42 -0500

Hi Larry!

I couldn't help but be puzzled by your opinion(s) of the Heil HC-5/HC-4 used
with the Omni VI+.

Primarily, I use an HM-10 with my O-VI+ with (always) excellent results!

Using the HC-5 or the HC-4, the mic gain is fixed @ 11:00 -- if I have a
need for the Processor, I set it also to 11:00 <no more, no less> -- I also
made two hand mics -- one is switchable with both elements, the other is an
HC-5...same excellent results.

Note that Ten Tec states in the O-VI+ operators manual on page 2-2
(paragraph 2-3.3) regarding FM operation:
<snip> "With TEN-TEC brand microphones, the MIC control should be set to 12
o'clock." <snip>

While I realize that the above paragraph snippet is in regards to limiting
FM deviation, I think that it is obvious that Ten Tec correctly infers that
every mic-element is going to require a different mic-gain setting,
regardless of the mode used.

With the settings that I use, I always close-talk the mic --- could that be
the THING that sets up the issue (read: problem) with Heil mics?

Perhaps the Heil element mics do sound badly if the mic-gain is turned up
too high, eh??

Don't sell that "Heil"!


Jim, K9FI


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I notice in Bill's pics that the Orion is shown with a
Heil mike. I hope this means that the Orion's input
circuit is now compatible with Heil. The Omni VI Plus
certainly is not. With the VI Plus the wide position
on the Heil delivers poor audio while the narrow
position is somewhat superior to the TT mike.

This would indicate that if one has the TT mike, there
is no need for a Heil. This lack of compatibility does
not apply to all TT rigs.

Should I sell my Heil, or move to the Orion so that
the Heil will function as intended? ;-)

Larry, W3UIO

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