[TenTec] Orion shown with Heil mike

Robert & Linda McGraw K4TAX RMcGraw@Blomand.Net
Sun, 29 Sep 2002 22:35:43 -0500

Interesting.  I just read from one "poster" to the reflector that his Heil
mike didn't work well with his Omni.  Then I read from another this evening
that his Heil works great and he always gets good reports.  Wonder just who
is wrong?  Or better yet where's the wrong.

First, most lo Z mike are never 600 ohms.  They are more likely 150 to 250
ohms and for long cable runs, 50 ohms is well accepted.  And yes they are
balanced to minimize humm pickup.  The professional output line level
signals are referenced to 600 ohms and most always balanced.

Most all that I've encountered in ham radios have unbalanced
inputs.....being Hi Z.  That's anything above say 10K ohms or above.

Wonder what the Orion will do "audio wise" on AM.  Yes there's some of us
that do run AM still today.  See my little AM rig under my call on QRZ.COM.
I use a Paragon for the AM receiver and the exciter for the AM transmitter
and I use an OMNI VI+ for the SSB and CW station.


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> i understood that bob especially made one to work with the orion......
> would that mean that the heil is compatible with the orion or that the ten
> tec is compatible with the heil ?????
> ....and if it is especially for the orion, will it not work with an omni
> But is it balanced 600 ohms ???? or unbalanced hi -z like a radio shack 9$
> microphone... hmmmmm.... as they say on Saturday Night Live   " never
> just reading the orion specs:  "audio equalisation is available in
> transmit, and the transmit audio can be adjusted to have more bass or
> treble response; along with 18 ssb transmit bandwidths......
> guess everyone will have all the choices they want....
> o yes , i was kidding....
> bill
> At 04:15 PM 9/29/02, W3UIO wrote:
> >I notice in Bill's pics that the Orion is shown with a
> >Heil mike. I hope this means that the Orion's input
> >circuit is now compatible with Heil. The Omni VI Plus
> >certainly is not. With the VI Plus the wide position
> >on the Heil delivers poor audio while the narrow
> >position is somewhat superior to the TT mike.
> >
> >This would indicate that if one has the TT mike, there
> >is no need for a Heil. This lack of compatibility does
> >not apply to all TT rigs.
> >
> >Should I sell my Heil, or move to the Orion so that
> >the Heil will function as intended? ;-)
> >
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