[TenTec] Orion shown with Heil mike

William Mansey; WA2PVK res0wsci@verizon.net
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 10:39:42 -0400

I recently purchased a Heil HM-10 dual element microphone to use with my
Jupiter.  The only thing I needed to do was set the mic. gain much higher,
and tweak the processor setting, but this is understandable since the 705
mic. has a preamplifier and the Heil does not.
The Heil microphones do need to be "close talked" but do give excellent
results.  I have had great results DXing with this mic.  (with a little help
from the Jupiter)   I have not tried the other, wide range, element yet but
it should be great for ragchewing.
I ordered a Heil Goldline for eventual use with the Orion and mentioned this
intention to Bob Heil.  He did not mention any potential "problems" I might
encounter so I would think that the microphone is going to be compatible.
I am certainly looking forward to being able to find out for myself when my
Orion arrives.    73;  Bill