[TenTec] Orion interface

Billy Cox aa4nu at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 9 12:43:07 EDT 2003


Thanks for the update ... but just to make sure ... this ONLY
controls the MAIN rcvr/xmtr, correct ... NOT the SUB ... nor does
this include the 2nd set of amp keying/etc. options yet?

The interface allows the Orion to function just as your MP did there,
no more and no less at this point.


The opportunity is still 'out there' as to making a setup that REALLY
can make use <and in some form of an automatic mode> of the
second set of keying/switching potential that the Orion offers ...

Sounds like that would make a great QST or NCJ article to write!

73 Billy AA4NU

> I have completed all of the testing on the Orion to Top Ten decoder
> prototype interface. It performs flawlessly. The operation is clean with
> evidence of RFI. Per my previous mail, this allows new Orion owners who
> Top Ten Devices decoders and switching systems, to use their existing
> with no outboard modifications, ie: existing custom switching and
> programming headers. Dave (N3RD) will be at Dayton or any inquiries about
> specific uses, availability, pricing etc. should be sent to him at
> N3RD at ARRL.NET. It is my understanding that this will be available as a mod
> kit for existing Top Ten decoders or as a new decoder item if desired. He
> will also be offering a custom made 15pin cable to the Orion.
> Many many thanks to Dave for moving on this so quickly. His products,
> service and customer support are a real credit to him and a great benefit
> those who enjoy this hobby.
> 73, Tommy WD4K
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