[TenTec] Update to v1.342

k6se at juno.com k6se at juno.com
Thu May 22 23:05:54 EDT 2003

Software version 1.342 was released today which I downloaded.  KH7M
reported having to run it a few times before it would load for him, but
it loaded for me the first try without a glitch.  KH7M said something
about a check box for "Stop on Error", which I looked for but couldn't
find.  I'm running Windows 98 and he's running Windows XM (I think) and
perhaps that's the difference.

V1.342 took care of the LCD contrast bug and the display bug in the
sidetone pitch menu.  I was pleased to see that none of my menu settings
were changed by the update.  What I had stored in the USER1 memory was
also intact.

This radio gets better all the time!

73, de Earl, K6SE

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