[TenTec] INRAD Filter Question

Dr. Gerald N. Johnson, electrical engineer geraldj at isunet.net
Sat May 24 09:56:32 EDT 2003

Those filter plots might be part of a review of vintage TT radios
without bandpass tuning, maybe Triton, for sure before Corsair. Might be
in that vintage manual. Measuring in the vintage single conversion radio
would be better than measuring standalone because the shielding and
terminations would be as used in the radio.

Inrad makes claims for steeper skirts and squarer shoulders than the
similar TT filters. When passing static and high speed CW and clean
signals to a DSP, those are not necessarily good characteristics because
they (squarer shoulders and steeper skirts) are generally accompanied
more rapid deviations from linear phase delay that damages rapidly
changing signals.

73, Jerry, K0CQ
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