Orion was ( [TenTec] Hercules III / Mark Erbaugh)

Robert & Linda McGraw K4TAX RMcGraw at Blomand.Net
Tue Oct 7 09:28:20 EDT 2003

I see it this way.  Does one want a high performance radio or a high
performance display?

I see the Orion as a high performance radio with a very adequate mono
display.  The others, I see them as a high performance display with mediocre
radio attached.  In the end, I've never had a display assist in pulling a
weak signal out of the noise or adjacent QRM but the mediocre radios do
produce key clicks, thus adjacent QRM to others, to which the high
performance radio does not.

Does one want glitz and glamour or performance?  I'll opt for performance
every time.

Bob, K4TAX

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> >From: KD7EFQ at aol.com
> I'd also like to see a
> >color display on the Orion to bite into the IC-756 ProII sales, as that
> >the biggest complant I have heard from many people is why did TT use a
> >monochrome display, when Icom did it for $1000 less cost of the radio.
> >still buy
> >the Orion before the Pro II as it is a much better performer. However,
> >features
> >are a very important factor to lots of people out there.
> A "feature," I don't know if I would be so generous.  I would suspect
> a color display would increase the cost to of the Orion.  I am not sure
> the fact the Pro II selling at a $1K less with the color display means
> the color display did not increase the cost of the Pro II.  Maybe, if it
> of used a monochrome display it would of been reduced further in price.
> A color display does not provide  enhancement to many operators,
> those that are blind, or color blind.  Possibly an option that would
> the additional costs would be the way to go.
> 73, Jim, de wd4air
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