[TenTec] bigger problem with update

Grant Youngman nq5t at comcast.net
Mon Oct 13 21:32:55 EDT 2003

Another thought on this.  It should be relatively straightforward to 
pull the settings to a small Windows/OS-of-choice utility.  Save them 
there.  And then reload them later.

This would also provide a way for several users to save settings and 
upload when they sit down at the radio.  Essentially non-volatile 
"user" memories, along the lines of what Icom is going to do with 
the PCMCIA cards on the 7800, but potentially more versatile.

Surely someone out there could produce such a simple gizmo??


> W2KJ wrote:
> Is there a way to save your settingson an Orion before doing a 
> RESET or do you always lose the settings you have entered and 
> re-enter same after the re-set???
>          Don't remember which, but either after you upload to Orion 
> after doing Master Reset, you are asked two questions:
> 1.  Do you want to save all your memories?
> 2.  Do you want to save your settings, etc?
> I answered Yes to both and they got it mostly right, but I noticed
> several settings that did change (SP, Mic Gain, S-Tone, Mon and 
> are the ones I recall changed...there may be others.  They did 
save my
> 500 and 250 Hz Filter offset settings OK.
>          Probably an area for future improvement!
>                                    73,  Bill  W4ZV
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