[TenTec] How to Switch PTT between SSB and CW for Orion?

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Sat Jan 17 09:40:04 EST 2004

Good morning:

I DO NOT want to re-start a philosophical discussion about PTT on
Orions.  I DO want to figure out how to configure and wire an
SO2R station using one (or maybe two) Orions. :-)

According to the reflectors and the manual, the Orion supports
PTT for SSB operation and does not support PTT for CW 
operation.  Weird, but so be it.

I need PTT on CW and SSB. If anyone still wonders why, 
please contact me off-list and I'll explain it! :-)

For SSB, I'll hook up the computer (or DVK) PTT line, which is
basically in parallel with the foot switch, to the Orion's PTT 
(probably on the Microphone jack).  This will key the amp
via the Orion's AMP KEY line and everything should work 
just fine.

For CW, I'll hook up the computer PTT line directly to the
amplifier, basically in parallel with the Orion's AMP KEY
line.  The Orion transceiver will operate QSK and
the amplifier will operate using the PTT.  This should work
just fine.  My SO2R audio switching means I won't even
have to listen to the Orion when it is sending a computer
message, and I don't think I care that the transceiver is
operating QSK.

I think this will accomplish what I want to do.

However, I now have a station configuration problem.  I
believe from the documentation that I have to physically
disconnect the PTT line from the Orion when operating
CW.  The PTT input changes functions and becomes 
a CW input line, so I can't leave it connected.

It looks like I'm going to have to use something like an 
SPDT switch to go from SSB to CW.  I also don't think 
I want to leave the PTT line attached directly to the 
amplifier in SSB mode, though that may actually be 
harmless.  An SPDT switch would allow me to 
disconnect that line also.

Has anyone figured out a way to do this automatically,
without requiring a manual switch or moving wires
around, or does anyone has a better way of configuring 
the PTT?  

If you still think I don't need or want PTT operation, 
on SSB or CW, please contact me off-list. I DO 
NOT want to re-start the philosophical discussions. :-)

Thanks in advance for your help!


Mark, KD4D

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