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NJ0IP Rick at dj0ip.de
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Looking at your pictures, Ed:

Good Lord willing and the crick don't rise, you probably put out one hellova
signal from there!

Then again, I sure hope you're a good swimmer! ;-)

Lovely radio!


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Good day, all. Listing a couple nice items to raise funds to help purchase a
new toy, most likely a Jupiter, maybe an Omni VI, not sure yet.

I have a very nice 560 Corsair with the 263 VFO. They both look and perform
as well as could be expected for their age for equipment that has been used
and not just admired. There are the usual small nicks and scratches here and
there. The Corsair has a couple deep scratches about 1/2"-3/4" long on the
top cabinet near the front that extend into the aluminum trim piece that
goes across the top front and are just slightly visible from the front veiw.
The front panels look excellent with no noticeable scratches or rubs. The
Corsair has all three filters in the 6mHz slots (1.8, 500, 250). It still
has the 4 pole filter in the 9mHz slot for some reason. The radio was at
Ten-Tec in May '01 for an overhaul. They work great. As you probably know,
the receive on these are fantastic. Someone said the Corsair is still on the
ARRL top ten list for receive after all this time. Pictures of these in my
shack can be seen at http://home.earthlink.net/~w4wvw/id6.html . I am asking
$500 Shipped and Insured. There is a new looking 280 power supply i can
include if you want to pay extra for the shipping. It works but has a
problem. Not sure what it is but I suspect it is low voltage.

Also have a nice Scout with 5 band modules (10-80 meters) and the noise
blinker. Works good and looks good. Not much to say about these except they
are simple and effective. Plenty of receive audio, the Jones filter greatly
improves selectivity, and the noise blanker works well. Asking $375 shipped
and insured.

Lastly there is a 4229 2KW roller inductor antenna tuner. The 4229 is the
229 that was built from a kit. With the clear lexan overlay on the front
panel, I think it is the best looking of the Ten-Tec tuners. The tuner works
well and operates smoothly. No signs of ever any arcing inside. It needs a
new dial cord installed, which I have and will include, with instructions.
The meter however is not working because the internal SWR board is missing.
The boards are not available. I do have a life-sized schematic of the
board,front and back; someone who is so inclined could fix this very easily.
The operators and construction manuals are included. Asking $175 shipped and

Also have a nice Gonset gsb-201 amp which runs 4 811-a tubes for anyone
within 50-100 miles of Winston Salem, NC for pickup or get together. Price
is negotiable (cheap!). Must have a strong back and desk to match.

I can provide high or low resolution pictures (depending on your connection
speed) of this equipment to anyone who is interested. Feel free to contact
me if I can answer any questions.
Prices quoted are for continuous US buyers only, please. Others are welcome
to inquire for additional shipping.

No mic included for either radio as I will need what I have for what I get.
Power cords and copies of the manuals provided.

Contact Ed Crawford, W4WVW
w4wvw at earthlink.net
w4wvw at msn.com

Thanks for the bandwidth and for looking.
73. Ed

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