[TenTec] Strange Display On OMNI V ???

OTAKEBI at aol.com OTAKEBI at aol.com
Tue Jun 22 00:08:05 EDT 2004

I noticed a problem with my OMNI V display tonight.
I thought at first I was imagining things but it looked like the frequency 
display was not as bright as I recalled it to be.
Then I noticed that it was bright again.
This happened twice without doing anything to the rig on my part.
The third time it went dim it I turned the rig off and back on and it came 
back bright.
Has anyone had this happen to them?
RF output of the rig is the same dim or bright.
It looks like someone turned the display down with a switch.
Almost like if it had a bright and not so bright setting.
Is it time to clean the connector to the display?
Any other thing to look for?

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