[TenTec] Century 21 Digital Transceiver..problems

Tony Martin W4FOA w4foa at comcast.net
Sun May 30 08:19:43 EDT 2004

Hi Pal,
Good morning...rainy morning here and gettin ready for church.

Well today or tomorrow I am packing the K2 up and sending it to AZ for
repair.  Will take about a month (transit to/from, 2 week backlog, etc.).
It just seemed like the smart thing to do.

Glad you have decided what you are going to do with the K2/Argo situation.
I believe that is what I would do and then build the 100 watt amp in a
completely separate box, matching the K2, and have it so you still have the
K2 as a complete QRP rig and if you want power you can plug the amp in.  I
don't like the idea of making the K2 a 100 watt rig.

Never saw the Argo V, but I am sure someone will grab it.  If I had my
insurance settled up and had decided what I am going to do and had a few
extra bucks I would have been interested in buying it to play with it as you
have but for now guess I'll just have to pass, hi.

You and Celia take care...hope you have a good day...BIG HUGS from Nan and
me to you both.

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> You 'wanna buy my mint Argonaut V? It's on the selling block for
now...Better grab it while you can; I may change my mind.
> What's the latest word on your K2? Did you ship it back to Elecraft?
> You and Nan have a safe, enjoyable Memorial Day weekend over there.
> Cheers...
> Rod
> Tony Martin W4FOA <w4foa at comcast.net> wrote:
> My trusty C21 digital has developed a problem and I am wondering if
> anyone of the distinguished TT gang could point me in the right direction
> identifying and curing the problem.
> The rig was working very well this morning with about 15 watts output
> maximum before tripping the breaker. Later in the day I turned the rig on
> and when I hit the key, the breaker immediately shut down the rig.
> key, etc. setup was identical to earlier. When I tried to reset the
> by using the on/off switch, it immediately shuts down rig. Only thing I
> say it that in the digital display it looks as if a series of EEEEEE, but
> that is only for a millisecond. The fuse is not blown. No damage to
> components and boards is visible.
> I'm not a tekkie, but can do some basic troubleshooting if I have a clue
> about what to look for and maybe where (grin).
> Thanks for any help and suggestions.
> Best to all..and Happy Memorial Day...God Bless America
> Tony, W4FOA
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