[TenTec] N4PY Orion Control Program Version 1.12 Released

Duane Grotophorst n9dg at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 10 00:09:23 EST 2004

Would be curious how much CPU horsepower are you
running? After all raw hardware processing power cures
a lot of performance ills in software.

And if there are many other apps running? If there
aren't many apps running then the need for the OS to
multitask isn't as great either. You can get a sense
of how heavily loaded the machine is by oppening up
Windows Task Manager and selecting the "Performance"
tab. The graph there will tell a lot. The "Process"
tab will tell you exactly how many applications and
other system processes are running.

Boy after the last few nights of some pretty decent 2M
Aurora I'm starting think about a CW keyboard as well,
- just can't make my straight key sound at all good
above ~20WPM ;).


--- Steve N4LQ <n4lq at iglou.com> wrote:

> There has to be more to this XP/Keyboard thing than
> meets the eye. I run XP 
> and CW Type to generate Morse. Attached to my LPT is
> a simple adapter that 
> isolates the port via optical coupling from Hose
> Nose. I can run this up to 
> any speed, 100 wpm, and it keys beautifully and
> evenly with no hesitation no 
> matter what programs I'm running including N4PY.
> The only justification I can find for installing
> WinKey is so N4PY's 
> software will work with a keyboard. So what's the
> deal? Do other 
> Pegasus/Jupiter control programs have the same
> problem with cw keyboards? 
> Why does CW TYPE work so well and for that matter,
> other logging and contest 
> softwares too? Can we still blame the OS?
> Steve N4LQ

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