[TenTec] QSK with QSK-5PC

al_lorona at agilent.com al_lorona at agilent.com
Thu Nov 11 16:29:35 EST 2004

> My understanding of the subject is, the transceiver won't 
> send RF until it
> knows the amp is ready for it as a means to prevent clipped dits and
> fouled relay contacts.  A nice QSK amp like the Centurion or 
> Titan will
> give you full receive between dits so theoretically you 
> should not notice
> the difference between with and without the amp running.  There is a
> reason Ten-Tec makes mention of the specific type and brand 
> of relay in
> the Centurion - you're talking about a LOT of relay operation 
> over time -
> got to be a stout relay to stand up to it.
> 73 Jason N1SU

Well, then, if the radio must *wait* until the amp is ready, then by definition this is degraded QSK compared to the transceiver alone.

My question is *how much* is it degraded? 

Al  W6LX

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