[TenTec] LDG AT-100 Pro

Grant Youngman nq5t at comcast.net
Fri Apr 15 07:14:50 EDT 2005

> As I said to their rep, "How can one even accurately measure 
> 25 watts into an unknown antenna impedance?"

There is certainly no problem measuring low power into any antenna Z.  

> I was a bit suspicious of its power rating when I opened it 
> and noted that it was only using 600 v capacitors. That's 
> certainly fine for 25 watts but not for 125 watts into a 
> maximum load impedance of 1000 ohms - per the specs. 
> Peak-to-peak voltages, not including transients, could easily 
> exceed 700 wolts under such conditions.

I read this, the derating is only applicable DURING tuneup.  I'm not
terribly surprised, since you have to remember that the tuner is
hot-switching the L/C combinations.  The derating is probably at least as
much related to keeping the relay contacts from burning up.

> I'm wondering if Ten-Tec broke their relationship with LDG 
> over reliability issues?

Maybe T-T just decided to build their own (?)  Maybe LDG decided there
wasn't enough money in supplying custom OEM tuner boards in the quantities
needed by T-T (?) I use my Orion's internal tuner a good bit since I rarely
turn on the amp, and it's a lot more convenient than cranking the MB-V-A
around.  There have been no issues with it.  Just keeps on workin'.  The
Orion DOES automatically reduce power to 20 watts (or 25, I forget) during a
tune cycle.


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