[TenTec] cw creation

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I also seem vaguely to remember something about a few weeks to people
wondering about how a few folks were reacting to the sound of their Jupiter
keying sounds.  After that it appeared to die down.  But it was enough to
scare me away from the rig.  Never did in fact go after one of them.  I
never heard the the effect, myself.   Hmmm.  GL in your quest.  


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> Date: 4/23/2005 3:13:35 PM
> Subject: [TenTec] cw creation
> Sometime in  the past there was a discussion of how modern rigs such as
> Orion or Jupiter produce "cw" as opposed to the way classic cw is/was 
> produced in classic rigs. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the thread 
> either through Google or in the Archive.
> As I understand it, in many modern rigs cw keying is done by injecting an 
> audio tone (onto a ssb signal ?), rather than  true on off carrier
> This almost sounds a bit like the difference between FSK and AFSK.
> Could someone on the list help me understand this better, and could
> also list which TT rigs produce "cw" which way?
> tnx
> Bob, KB1CIW
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