[TenTec] Astron RS-35M and Omni VI

jerome schatten romers at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 1 02:52:22 EDT 2005

Byron J. Watts wrote:
> i have ~heard~ a complaint that the Astron's only weakness is in it's AC 
> line switch, it dies after several hundred operations, the rest of the 
> supply will be fine but the switch will be shot.  if you have another 
> way of killing the power supply itself this would effectively bypass 
> that problem.  like i said, heard, not experienced.
I've had astrons (three of them) since 1988 and they are still working 
and they are turned off and on with each shack visit. No AC line switch 
has ever failed. Now you've heard something else.
VA7VV - Vancouver

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