[TenTec] WTB: Rack Mount Kits for Omni VI+ & 253 Auto Antenna Tuner

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at ameritech.net
Mon Aug 1 12:29:09 EDT 2005

If Ed doesn't want/need the rack itself, I'd be interested in just the rack.

Augie Hansen <augie.hansen at comcast.net> wrote:
On 7/31/05 11:20 PM, "Aidehua at aol.com" wrote:

> Would very much like to get these. Any suggestions appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Ed NI6S

Hi Ed,

I'm in the process of selling some Ten-Tec equipment to another ham and he
does not want the rack adapters, so I have adapters for the 253 tuner, the
Omni V/VI-series transceiver, and also a set for the Titan linear. Also, I
have one single-unit flat panel with the TT logo and one without a logo.
These are used to provide needed clearance between racked items.

In addition, I have a 19-inch rack that is 21 inches high, grey in color to
match the TT gear, with rounded corners and a hinged perforated top to
provide good air flow for the tubes in a linear mounted at the top of the
rack. There are holes in the right side for mounting a low-pass filter and a
dummy load, and reinforced handles on each side.

If your interested in any of them let me know. I don't have the cost data
handy, but in the meantime I'll figure out some reasonable prices for these

Gus Hansen 

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