[TenTec] ORION front panel mic jack ptt voltage

Carl Moreschi n4py at arrl.net
Tue Aug 2 08:27:47 EDT 2005

I measure 3.92 volts beyween pin 3 and ground on my Orion.

Carl Moreschi N4PY
Franklinton, NC
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> Could someone measure the open circuit voltage they see from pin 3 (PTT)
> ground  for me ? My front panel PTT quit working on ssb. I measured 1.002
> volts hot after several hours and just turned it on cold and its about
> volts . I measure just over 4 volts open circuit on the AUX/IO PTT dongle
> from the rear panel (black connector) . Obviously if front panel pin 3 and
> back panel IO are supposed to be hardwired together -it is not happening
> ! Shorting pin 3 to ground does not enable PTT - so its not a mic cable/
> sw problem.
>  The thing transmits  SSB with the rear  IO black connector closed and it
> also keys fine on CW . I tried all the combinations I could think of in
> SSB PTT menus (found in CW menu ) . VOX works fine also.
> Thanks - Hank K7HP
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