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Fri Aug 5 07:19:56 EDT 2005


I have two Omni 6 Plus rigs and have the Inrad 600 hz roofing filter 
in both rigs. While I have not made any actual measurements, to my 
ears the improvement is excellent. For example, living in south 
Georgia, the QRN is pretty murderous. If the QRN level is, say, 20 dB 
over, when I turn on the roofing filter, the QRN level drops to S-5 
to S-8, and that is without dropping the signal strength at all. I 
can not notice any insertion loss when enabling the filter. I used 
one of the rigs in the IARU contest and purposely looked for a couple 
of weak signals to copy, with a very strong signal within 1 kc...and 
this worked excellent with the roofing filter.

I have my roofing filters set up a little different from the Inrad 
instructions. The Inrad instructions allow you to turn the roofing 
filter ON or OFF by using the N-1 or N-2 filter selection buttons on 
the 6+. Since all that is needed to switch the filter in or out is 
positive voltage, I choose to use the PROCessor button on the front 
panel to do the switching. This way, you only have to run a single 
wire. The Inrad method requires cutting wires, splicing, etc., but 
their method probably works fine.


Tommy - W4BQF

At Friday 06:54 AM 8/5/2005, you wrote:
>Has anyone added the INRAD roofing filter and audio mod to
>their Omni VI and if so, does it make a worth while addition
>especially in working weak signal cw dx.
>Can the filter be switched in and out for comparison or is it a
>hard wire installation.   I'm thinking of buying a Omni VI+ and
>want to know if the filter really improves ability to copy weak
>signals in a dx pileup.
>             Thanks & 73,  Bill Green - W5HTG
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