[TenTec] Mikes for old tentecs

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I have a Shure 401A hand mic now defunked and been looking for a mic for my 
new TT Argonaut V.  Your suggestion seems just the answer to my problem.  I 
sent the mic to Shure for repair but no joy, it is out of production and no 

Could you please send me details of  Mouser, whom I know nothing about,so 
that I can make contact to buy the part you recommend.  I will use the Shure 
401A case to hold the insert.

I use a rather old Shure 444 on my Omni V1 and also on my previous Drake C 
line.  As this is getting on I'm looking for a back-up.

  Kind regards and 73  Bill.  G3WNI
g3wni at btinternet.com

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> G'day
> For anyone who is looking for a REALLY cheap and excellent quality high Z
> microphone for a older Ten Tec transceiver, Mouser sell a Kobitone crystal
> cartridge for about $7 (part number 25LM022).  Simply buy a dead 
> microphone
> casing that you like at a Hamfest and drop one in.
> I use one on my Drake T4XC and it sounds as good as an old Shure 201
> microphone that I have.
> Vy 73
> Steve, VK6VZ
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