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You don't actually disable the processor, you basically 'steal' a 
positive voltage from the pc board for the PROC switch.  The reason I 
used the PROC switch is only because I very seldom operate SSB. If 
you do use SSB and the processor, this is probably not where you want 
to switch the filter on/off. You need just a few milliamps of 
positive current to turn on the transistor that switches in the 
roofing filter relay.

This idea, which really simplifies then roofing filter installation, 
was originated and shared by K1FK.

Tommy - W4BQF

At Friday 10:12 AM 8/5/2005, you wrote:
>Tommy used the PROC button to control the INRAD roofing filter mod. But
>I occasionally use the speech processor and would hate to disable it.
>Has anyone successfully used the FM or VOICE buttons to enable the INRAD
>roofing filter? The FM button is the logical choice, since FM would not
>be used after the mod.
>                         Jim  N4AL
>Tommy wrote:
>                          .....
> >
> > I have my roofing filters set up a little different from the Inrad
> > instructions. The Inrad instructions allow you to turn the roofing
> > filter ON or OFF by using the N-1 or N-2 filter selection buttons on
> > the 6+. Since all that is needed to switch the filter in or out is
> > positive voltage, I choose to use the PROCessor button on the front
> > panel to do the switching. This way, you only have to run a single
> > wire. The Inrad method requires cutting wires, splicing, etc., but
> > their method probably works fine.
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Tommy - W4BQF
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